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Sugar Addiction, | 01.21.22

4 Essential Tips to Get Started with Breaking Up with Sugar

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to get started on your journey to break up with Sugar. Here are 4 essential tips to help guide your way!


No matter the time or the place, make sure that food keeps its time and place! When breaking up with sugar, structure aka meal regulation (eating well-balanced meals or snacks every 3-4 hours) is essential. This keeps your blood sugar in check (kick those cravings to the curb), keeping you well satiated and always in the know when your next meal or snack is coming (think less fear and preoccupation with food!).

Tip #2 SKILLS: 

When urges to eat and cravings come your way, coping skills are essential to help ride out the discomfort without compromising your food goals. This looks like taking a walk, calling a friend, doing breathing, distracting with a game, or taking a bath. Your skills help to make space between the urge to action and your action of eating, so that you can choose a more helpful path for your long-term relationship goals. 


This is all about the people, places and things that support your recovery! Who is in your power circle?  Where do you find meaningful connection? If you find you’re not feeling connected enough, join our Breaking Up with Sugar private facebook group or search for a local or online Overeaters Anonymous (OA) meeting.


While we may experience the ebbs and flows of motivation, your commitment to your recovery, integrity and self-care must remain intact.This means keeping up with practices that support your recovery from Binge Eating Disorder (think self-monitoring, meal-regulation and abstinence) and other personal commitments that honor your best self!

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