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66 Days of No Flour and Sugar: Now What?

Hey, it’s Alex here from Team Molly, bringing you this week’s Sunday blog post! If you’ve read Breaking Up with Sugar, you know Molly talks a lot about keeping sugar and flour out of your diet for 66 days, the average amount of time it takes for us to form a new habit.

With that, you may find yourself coming upon that 66 days, or even reached there already! First of all, CONGRATS!! That’s amazing. You made a commitment to yourself and followed through, and what a beautiful and loving thing to do for yourself and your new relationship with food.

With all celebration aside, the next thing you may wonder is Okay, I did 66 days- now what!?!’ Maybe you have memories of doing the Whole 30 for 30 days, then going back to your same old ways, or trying the 7 day juice cleanse, and finding yourself back in your old bad habits afterward. 

The thing about your relationship with food, is there’s no endpoint. That’s right, this is a totally different way of thinking about it. No more miracle diet and you’re fixed! If that worked, we’d all be happy and healed by now. 

So with your 66 days coming to a close, it’s time to take a pause and ask yourself “What do I know works for me, and what doesn’t?” Or maybe you’ll ask, “What actions can I continue to take that will take me closer to a loving and healthy relationship with food and with myself?” 

The answer to this question is going to look different depending on where you are now, your history with food and dieting, and your individual nature as a unique person! Maybe you decide to renew your vows to no sugar and flour for another 66 days. Maybe you keep to your 3 meals, 1 snack schedule that you know works well for you. The answers are endless!

Most importantly, take an honest look at where you started, where you’ve come, and where you want to keep going. I trust your intuition- you’re the expert on yourself!


Team Molly


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Photo by Vasyl S on Unsplash

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