Hi, I'm Molly!

from my mind

to your mind

Rest assured, I’m very qualified to help you: I’m a leading eating disorders and addictions therapist with fancy credentials. I’ve logged years in the trenches of the diet wars with the amazing clients at my NYC clinic, The Beacon.

I’m also a normal gal with a generally fantastic life. I’m a godmother, dog-lover, a reluctant yoga enthusiast (most happy when class is over). I’m not a masterchef or a meal-prep fanatic. Though I’m long broken up with Sugar, I’m a terrible cook who eats out most of the time. Just ask the unopened Cuisinart in my kitchen.

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from my heart

to your heart

I know what it is to be broken-hearted and completely hopeless from the abuse that follows food, weight and diet drama. I know what it’s like to be afraid that you can’t break free from Sugar and dieting. I’m here on the other side, ferociously waving you in. My heart is completely devoted to you and helping you end your struggles.

I’ve been told I have a spicy, fierce exterior, but I’m actually all heart. Even though it looks like I’m shooting from the hip, it’s always coming from my heart. I’m committed to helping you because breaking free from Sugar and dieting has opened my eyes to a whole new capacity to love that I never could have imagined was in me.

Side note: you’re a whole lot less hungry when your heart is nourished. I was once someone who skipped out on my best friend’s birthday party and family Thanksgivings; the feelings of shame causing me to isolate. Today I never miss out on those moments. Life is precious. With this freedom, I live in a big, beautiful life. I want you to experience the same.

from my spirit

to your spirit

This work is bigger than me. It’s a calling, not a choice. And with this mission comes an unrelenting passion to set you free from your abusive relationship with Sugar and dieting.

So as long as you are struggling, I’ll be right there alongside you, helping you experience your deserved transformation. This alone is my purpose. I’ll never give up on you, so put your diet drama and trauma on notice and tell that sneaky abuser Sugar that you’re not getting rid of me. If nothing else, I’m doggedly persistent. The tag line is on point:


I am fiercely devoted to your


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