Guiding Principles for Thriving Through the Holidays

  As we approach the holiday season, Molly has a lot to say about diet culture vultures and the marketing that says “how to survive the holiday season.” We don’t want to just “survive” through this joyous time of year, we want to aim to thrive. Aiming for survival will lead you to hit below […]

Energy Healing and Raising Your Vibration with Taylor Stone

Taylor Stone picture

  In Taylor’s opinion, people can begin healing themselves by being honest about their choices and how the choices they are making are or aren’t serving them. She teaches that people need to then give themselves some grace and begin working on healing.  When people feel like victims, they forget they have choices, so Taylor […]

Connection is the Opposite of Addiction

In this episode, Molly is joined by her friend and creator of Soul Camp, Alison Leipzig. Have you ever found yourself over-identifying with your health issues and or your size? Alison has had this experience, and today she will discuss how during her childhood, she allowed being overweight to define who she was and divulges […]

Acupuncture and Emotions as Energy with Wendy Swanson

Wendy Swanson dives into the ins-and-outs of acupuncture. Molly calls the modality “an absolute, life-changing measure” after she was cured of her Long Covid symptoms following her sessions with Wendy—something traditional Western medicine was never able to do for her. Listen in as Wendy paints a comprehensive picture of acupuncture and its history, as well […]

Menopause and Integrative Health with Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz

Molly and Dr. Suzanne talk all things integrative health. From the food we consume to the products we put on our skin, to the things we smell, hear, and the types of people we spend our time with. These are the things Dr. Suzanne says have a huge impact on our health and affect all […]

Becoming Who You Were Meant to Be with Joseph Sheehey

Today’s guest, Joseph Sheehey, holds nothing back in sharing the details of his struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts, his career, as well as his views on medicine and healing. Joseph’s mission is to have conversations that are nuanced that allow us to hear and understand why we think the way we do. He wants to […]

Perfectionism: Enough is Enough 

Having struggled with her weight and self-image since childhood, Sara discusses with Molly her journey of breaking up with sugar, her relationship with food, and the road to recovery. Due to an autoimmune disorder, she eliminated gluten and grains. This was a decision she made on her own, not from any medical advice from a […]

Coaching At Its Core With Julie Reisler

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, Julie Reisler discusses her wake-up call from her body alerting her to stop consuming sugar. She has 19 years’ experience of recovering from sugar addiction.  Molly and Julie relate their journeys of leaving sugar behind and how it can be easy to fall prey to the mind games associated with […]

Power Circles: You Are Not Alone in Your Eating Disorder with Michelle Garside

On today’s episode, Molly sits down with her close friend Michelle Garside. Michelle begins the conversation by disclosing her journey through her eating disorder. She begins with discussing her experience with pregnancy and postpartum eating disorders and the struggles that come with it.  Molly and Michelle dig into the thoughts that can creep in while […]

Why Seeing Disease As A Gift Is The FIrst Step To True Healing WIth Dr. Rob Wergin

“Diseases, discomforts, and dysfunctions of the body are actually gifts,” says today’s special guest Rob Wergin, “gifts created by our soul and by the Divine. They are powerful gifts packaged in ways we cannot ignore… and because we cannot ignore them, we are given the opportunity to do something about them.” Rob Wergin has provided […]