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Mental Health, | 04.03.21

Compassion: A Superpower Skill You Need

When dealing with binge eating, emotional eating, and food addiction, it’s inevitable that we’ll come across times when we aren’t perfect in our relationship with food.

However, when we slip, we’re often flooded with shame and guilt over having made a mistake. This shame can tell us a story that this is hopeless or I didn’t try hard enough, which are both untrue versions of reality that only serve to keep us stuck in our ineffective habits.

Instead, I want you to try this superpower skill – compassion. When you approach your mistakes with compassion, rather than shaming, you are better able to become a scientist and get curious about what actually happened (side note: we’ll be talking a lot more about curiosity next week)

What’s even more, compassion helps us to mitigate the shame that doesn’t serve us and makes us feel pretty dang miserable. Shame only works to keep us more isolated, more distressed, and without the confidence to reach for our goals. Shame is the perfect recipe for more feelings of hopelessness, binge eating, and self-defeat. Compassion is your secret weapon to lessen this unhelpful shame.

When we have compassion for the times we run into problems, we’re better able to come up with solutions and get back on track for our loving relationship with food. And that will most certainly lead you to growth in your relationship with food, even if that progress feels slower than we would like!

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

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