Whose team doesn’t need extra support? There are sooooo many ways my consultation services can help your business and organization do better, feel better, and be better. Especially if you’re looking to…

  • Help your organization get healthier, by working to identify the obstacles and challenges you face when it comes to an unhealthy relationship with food.
  • Better serve your team and/or your clients struggling with general food and weight issues or more severe issues like eating disorders and related addictions
  • Learn how to use cutting edge treatment strategies in helping to heal general food and weight issues and an unhealthy relationship with sugar.

Of course, consultation services are tailored to meet your program’s unique needs. I’ve helped individual coaches create more effective coaching and treatment programs- big and small- to better serve their clientele. I’ve also assisted in instituting wellness curricula and programs in large companies. The possibilities in my ability to help are endless.

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