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Holidays, | 04.14.22

Creating an Anti-Perfection Plan for the Holidays

The holidays can be difficult to navigate for those struggling with food addiction when faced with baskets of chocolate bunnies and grandma’s famous Easter casserole. Holidays can be especially tough for those who feel that their relationship with food and their behaviors around food need to be “perfect”. The truth is that striving for perfection tends to cause more harm than good. Why? Because lapses are a part of the journey of recovery and are going to happen. So how can you keep the enticement of perfection from knocking you off your plan? This is where a skill called Dialectical Abstinence comes into play, also known as your Anti-Perfection Plan. 

How does an Anti-Perfection Plan work?

You aim to follow your plan to a T, but you understand that there will be times when things don’t go as planned. These are the times when you give in to the pressure from others and try that bite of something that is not “your food”, forget to plan for that dinner party, or when you are experiencing intense feelings and turn to food to cope. When a slip happens, it is important to treat yourself with compassion and forgiveness, and remember that you can always get back on plan. 

What should your plan look like?

No plan is one size fits all, you need to figure out what is going to work best for you! Stepping outside to get some sun and fresh air, splashing some water on your face, reaching out to a trusted support, or taking a moment to breathe are some great skills to add to your plan. Take some time before the festivities begin to create a plan for yourself so you are ready to go.  

Try not to give into a lapse and allow it to turn into a landslide. Dialectical abstinence helps to combat shame and normalize that lapses happen, but they do not define your journey of recovery! Keep your eyes open and your brain switched on. You can do this!

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