With the arrival of COVID-19, many of our daily routines have been flipped upside down. With long days at home, void of commutes to work, or dinner plans with friends, we’re left with a very altered way of living.

Your day may feel empty or without the normal structure that started or closed out your day. Or perhaps with so much going on in the world that feels out of control, you feel ungrounded and unsettled.

Understandably you’re probably feeling a lot of emotions right now. Feelings about what COVID means for us and our loved ones, thoughts about the suffering in the world, and uncertain ideas of what the future holds. 

Here’s one thing we know- when we avoid and suppress these emotions, they certainly don’t go away! One helpful way to deal with emotions is to create rituals to help process and deal with what you’re feeling. 

Why create rituals? Research tells us that doing a ritual is incredibly effective in helping us deal with sadness and grief, as well as experience increased feelings of control after a loss. Skeptical? Well turns out that this finding holds true regardless of whether you believe the rituals would actually be effective! So give it a try!

Here are a few ideas for rituals you can try at home- you might try doing something creative to deal with your feelings- like writing poetry, making artwork, playing music, or creating a dance. Maybe you light a candle or sage your space at the beginning or end of the day, or find a special place in your home or outdoors to sit quietly and reflect. The options are endless. And don’t get caught up in which rituals you choose. It’s not the type of ritual that is important- the key is to simply try it out!


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Norton, Michael I., and Francesca Gino. “Rituals alleviate grieving for loved ones, lovers, and lotteries.” Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 143, no. 1 (2014): 266.

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