Exercise is a tricky thing when it comes to your relationship with food and with yourself.

For so long, you’ve likely blamed your problems with food and weight on exercise and working out. We’ve been told again and again, by the media, food corporations, weight loss programs, even the government– that more exercise is the solution to our body and weight issues. 

And while exercise can be a key component of a healthy lifestyle- it can become obsessive and even dangerous when taken to extremes. It can also distract from other problematic issues- including your destructive relationship with sugar or your chaotic relationship with food.

Even once we realize that exercise isn’t going to solve our weight and body image problems, there still may be a lot of fear and anxiety about decreasing it. 

If you notice that you may be over-exercising or feel anxious about not getting that next workout in, direct your focus towards more moderate forms of exercise that don’t burn you out and leave you feeling depleted.

If you find yourself using exercise as a tool to make up for big binges, this is a big red flag. This is called bulimia– and it may get worse if you don’t take proactive action to get help

The biggest thing to remember, if you’re struggling with overeating or binge eating, exercise is not the answer. Instead, ask yourself- what are some problems in your relationship with food that need to be addressed? 


Team Molly

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