One of my favorite quotes goes like this: ‘Fail to plan, and you plan to fail.”

Yet failing to plan is one of the #1 hurdles that we run into when it comes to following through with our goals. We find ourselves in a tough situation without options and we say, “Well- there was nothing I could do! I had to eat the pizza and ice cream!”

When we fail to plan, we are choosing to put ourselves in a situation that is not set up for success. It’s like you have a big test coming up that you don’t study for- when the day comes and you don’t do well on the test you say “Well, of course, I didn’t do well! It’s not me- I just didn’t study!” 

When we study for the test, we are putting ourselves out there in a position to succeed, but we’re also putting ourselves in a position to be potentially disappointed- Let’s say I study for the test and still fail. I no longer have the scapegoat- I didn’t study! I have to come to terms with my own strengths and vulnerabilities, without blaming it on some outside force.

While planning is an essential tool for every day, it’s especially an important part of traveling and entering potentially challenging uncertain situations. When we just “go with the flow,” we’re bound to end up turning to sugar and flour for quick, easy options. And we all know how the rest of the story goes.

If you’re finding yourself willful, or resistant, to planning- get curious about what is going on. Why am I avoiding this? What’s the pros and cons of planning ahead in this situation? What’s in line with my long-term goals with food and with myself?


Team Molly

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