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Take the next step toward healing your diet trauma and unhealthy relationship with food.

We’re here to help people just like you overcome emotional eating, food addiction, and binge-eating disorders, diet drama and trauma, and everything in between with so many options for support.


Work with an intensively-trained therapist to help you create your personalized roadmap to finding food freedom.*

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Build connections, inspire others, and access live learning in a loving (and fun!) group environment with people who “get it”. 

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Come for weekly classes or special retreats and workshops that dive deep.

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Discover EXACTLY how to break through your most stubborn and long-held issues with food at your own pace.

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Therapy offers you the same services of our coaching program in conjunction with a deeper dive into psychotherapy, and any mental health diagnoses you may be struggling with. All therapy sessions are offered via teletherapy for clients living in New York and Connecticut. Your insurance may reimburse you for therapy.

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*Therapy is used to treat diagnosed eating disorders and illness. If you meet the criteria for an eating disorder, the recommended treatment will be therapy. All Therapy services are offered by Molly Carmel, LCSW PLLC dba The Beacon Program.

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Molly Q&A

Get ready to take your journey to the next level with Molly Q&A. You’ll learn to fill in the gaps of your relationship with food, how to practice and bring these lessons into your life, and perhaps best of all? The PEOPLE. You’ll connect with a group of your best-friends-you-haven't-yet-met who all share your goals. Get ready to build your support network and change your life.


*All Therapy services are offered by Molly Carmel, LCSW PLLC dba The Beacon Program. All other services including but not limited to Coaching, Groups and Courses are offered under The Beacon Programs, LLC dba Molly Carmel.

Beacon by MC Three-Tiered Approach

Your Relationship <i>with Food</i> 1

Your Relationship with Food

We start by understanding your current relationship with food. We’ll create a food plan that works for you and your lifestyle, and uncover what’s holding you back from your dream relationship with food.

Your Relationship <i>with Dieting</i> 2

Your Relationship with Dieting

If you’re in an unhealthy relationship with food, you’re likely in an unhealthy relationship with dieting. We’ll dig into your diet history, help you unlearn the toxic messaging of diet culture, and empower you to embrace imperfection.

Your Relationship <i>with Self</i> 3

Your Relationship with Self

Here’s where you begin to trust and love the most important person in your life - YOU. Learn to thrive with self-forgiveness and acceptance, and create new beliefs to ensure lasting inner peace and long-term success.

*Therapy is used to treat diagnosed eating disorders and illness. If you meet the criteria for an eating disorder, the recommended treatment will be therapy. If you do not meet the criteria, coaching may be for you.

Success Stories

Messages of Hope. Our amazing clients did it and so can you!

When I was led to The Beacon, I felt hopeless and trapped. Within weeks, I began to feel a sense of hope and purpose I had not felt in years. Physically, I’ve lost weight with ease. Psychologically and spiritually, I feel liberated. Beacon saved my life & has made it worth living again.

- BG

Thanks to The Beacon, I successfully maintain an 80-pound weight loss. I have become a much more introspective and mindful spouse, father, and employee. I’m forever grateful to the Beacon for helping to change my life in a way I never thought possible.

- DC

I didn’t know at the time, but the genuine warmth and welcoming I felt from every single person I encountered that first day was truly indicative of the incredible support I would receive over my time in the Beacon program.

- OB


Meet Your Team

Searching for a guide? Our team of Beacon by MC therapists and coaches are trained, experienced, and ready to help and inspire you to achieve your goals. They’ve walked the journey themselves, so they know what it’s like to be in the trenches. In short, they GET IT.

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