For many people, summer can be one of the trickiest times to hold true to our commitments around food. Maybe it’s the associations of summer ice creams at the beach, or food free-for-alls on vacation- that can have us forgetting what’s in our best interest and doubting our decisions around food. 

It’s at times like this that I often hear this question- Do I have to do this forever?

Talk about a question that will spike up fear. Simply the thought of forever brings us out of our wisdom and into a place of deprivation and scarcity. 

Before you drop everything and run, consider these 2 things:

  1. You can’t possibly answer that question- and because I’m not a fortune teller, neither can I. Here’s a more useful question- Do I choose to do this now? While you are always in a relationship with food, you can choose how you want that relationship to look each and every day. You’re in the driver’s seat! 
  2. Instead of focusing on forever, focus on gratitude and community in the moment. The forever question will  have you running away from the actions that are in line with your values and goals- gratitude and community will only bring you closer to those things. 

So in the name of fostering the best and most loving relationship with food, stay out of the “forever trap.” Your relationship with food is not a forever death sentence, it’s an opportunity to feel empowered in living your best life. 


Team Molly

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