Breaking Up with Sugar


Join me for some extra quality time
to bolster your break up!

Want more support and more motivation for your new relationship with food?

Here’s how you can start your Boost!

I’ve created an online course with 5 modules specifically designed to help solidify your breakup with Sugar and heal your relationship with food. If you read and related to my book, Breaking Up With Sugar, this is your chance to go deeper. Join me as I teach you even more useful information, ask thought-provoking questions, provide helpful exercises, and give you non-stop encouragement to help you become an expert on your relationship with food and with yourself.

I am SO excited that you are here. Together, we are going to blow the doors off this new way of living. Are you ready?!

Is this Boost! for you?

The Breaking Up With Sugar Boost! is NOT another crash course on how to shed pounds quickly. Nor will it offer some kind of “life hack” so you can outsmart your biochemistry. This is a course designed to keep moving you closer to the truth, so that you can end the misery of your food, weight and diet struggles, once and for all. This course will further empower your dream relationship with food… and with yourself.

I designed this course so that we can build on the information, knowledge and practice that you gained from Breaking Up With Sugar to make this the very last time you have to search for a loving relationship with food. You know that I truly understand how painful and isolating it is to be stuck—to feel like this relationship isn’t working and life just isn’t what it should be—like there’s a solution out there, but you can’t access it. You can, and that’s exactly why I made this course.

Let’s create the life you know is possible.


What will you learn?

We will get even more intimate with the most essential concepts of Breaking Up with Sugar. By the end of the course you will…

  • Establish clear goals for your personal transformation
  • Learn advanced tools to successfully implement a food plan in your life
  • Discover effective coping skills to manage the difficult cravings and emotions that arise in your life
  • Address your fear of emotions and even learn to befriend them
  • Understand how to sustain your new relationship with food imperfectly—battle the demons of perfectionism
  • Identify new ways to find meaning and foster joy in your life
  • Be involved in an active community of supportive people who are also breaking up with Sugar!

Get motivation from Molly herself, with access to videos, audio tracks, downloadables, and cheat sheets. Discover the tools to break free from the grip of sugar and dieting, and reclaim your life!

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