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Binge Eating, Holidays, | 05.22.21

Handle Memorial Day Like a Boss

For many people, Memorial Day is a long weekend spent outside with friends, family, food, and drinks. So naturally, it can get a little tricky and overwhelming. 

To prepare for all that comes with Memorial Day, we’re walking through a step-by-step guide on how to leave the long weekend feeling proud and refreshed! 

Step 1. What’s on the Menu? If the menu is lacking in sugar and flour-free options, there’s no easier way to solve the problem than by making your own and bringing it to the party. Making enough for you and the other guests there will not only be helpful for you, but also a crowd pleaser (everyone secretly wants some healthy options!)

Step 2: What friends and family take you off your A-game? We love them, but sometimes friends and family can make our relationship with food trickier. Maybe your friend is a “food-pusher” – aka someone who says “You need to try the cake! You don’t want to miss out!” Or maybe you have a family member that tends to say all the times that push your buttons and can drive you to the food table to quell your frustrations. Think about how you’ll respond to these people at the moment when they offer you food, or how you can cope with the feelings that come up without turning to the cake. 

Step 3. Be Mindful of Drinks. Alcohol and any drinks for that matter can get tricky at a big gathering. What we know about alcohol is that it lowers our inhibitions and gets us thinking more in the realm of “What do I want right now right this second?” mindset. Not to mention, sugary drinks shoot up our blood sugar faster than just about anything else, setting us up for more cravings and urges to eat. Make a plan ahead of time about how you are going to navigate drinks at the gathering. 

Most important, you do you- don’t let anyone or any party take you farther away from your food and health goals. With planning and reaching out for support when we need it, we can get through the weekend with pride and accomplishment.

Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

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