Are you being held hostage by your relationship with food, weight, body and diet drama?

It’s not your fault.


Hi! I’m Molly!

I’m here to support people like you in healing their relationships with food, and with themselves. My life’s mission is to get you that big, beautiful life you deserve.

In short, I’m obsessed with helping you.

I’m an obesity survivor, having tipped the scales at 325 pounds. I’ve been on every diet around and have the emotional scars to prove it. I’m an eating disorders and addiction therapist and have helped thousands of people get well.

In short, I completely get it.

I’m psyched and honored to help you break free of the misery of food, weight and diet trauma and get you loving your life.

In short, I am fiercely devoted to your freedom.

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Anti-Perfection Plan

Black and white perfection thinking is keeping you stuck in more ways than you know. Watch this video to find more freedom.

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