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How to Eat Sugar and Flour Free During the Super Bowl

It’s Super Bowl time! While this time of year brings fans together to admire and celebrate their favorite teams, it also means we have to get trained in navigating the football food frenzy.

The idea of attending a Super Bowl party this year may seem so daunting that you may immediately imagine locking yourself inside your apartment and shutting off all forms of communication. However, something inside of you tells you that’s likely not the only problem-solving strategy in the book. Nor is simply “winging it” (no pun intended) by showing up on game day with high hopes your friend forgot to put in that food order. Here are a few tips to help you get through this Super Bowl Sunday with friends and family without sacrificing your food relationship goals.

Be like a well-practiced football player.

Don’t fear- Meal Planning is your best friend and tool this Super Bowl Sunday. As the familiar saying goes: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Think about it like this- you want to be like a football player showing up to the big game. Do you think these guys are going out on the field today with the plan to “figure it out when they get there”? Definitely not. They’ve spent weeks and months planning for this day. You can take a note from their playbook and take 30-60 minutes this morning to do the same. What will you eat? When? How much? What skills can you use when things get hard? How do you want to feel at the end of the night? Answer any of these and you are ahead of the curve. Planning rocks.

BYO Football Friendly Food.

Sometimes, the options at the party just aren’t cutting it for your food needs. That’s where BYO (bring your own) food can come in really handy!  I’m not saying bring a sad little chicken breast wrapped in tin foil. While I do believe in your ability to navigate a Super Bowl Party, it may be easier and more seamless for you to bring something to your fiesta tonight that is football AND breaking-up-with-sugar friendly. And for everyone! There’s SO MANY options.  I’m a huge fan of Hungry Girl’s game-day recipes like these and this. Added Bonus: you may be helping out someone else at the party who wants to eat with integrity! #winwinwin

Give the Host a Ring!

Another planning tip is to contact the host and inquire what she/he will be serving. Hey, if this feels awkward just frame the conversation as you wanting to know what to bring!  This opens the doorway to bring something to share that fits with your meal plan (think of a big salad or a veggie platter). The benefit? You don’t end up feeling left out while everyone gorges on nachos AND you help out the host #winwin 

Put your Coping Skills into Use

It’s also important to be mindful of several coping skills you can use at any moment – just in case those wings get tempting! For example, you can excuse yourself and go to the restroom to splash cold water on your face or simply offer to help the host with clean up. Hey, distraction works!

Watch the game!

Make a decision to make the Super Bowl about more than the food. Not into football and going because you have to? Make the party about the people! Or make it about the commercials! Or commit to making a friend or two! You get the idea. When we focus less on the food, the food becomes less of the focus. #truth

Bottom line: you don’t have to deprive yourself this football Sunday or from socializing with friends. With thorough planning and realistic expectations you can enjoy life while maintaining your integrity with your food and your goals. Now that’s a score! 

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Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

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