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How to Get Through Thanksgiving without a Binge

It’s no secret that the holiday season is an incredibly tricky time for your relationship with food. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, here are 3 tips you can use to navigate your holiday plans this year!

Tip 1: Make a gratitude list

It’s so easy to get stuck in “Why me” and “It’s not fair!” when it comes to comparing your relationship with food to others. It can be very easy to forget about what we do have, and what we are thankful for. Not to mention, there’s a lot of research to show that putting your attention towards gratitude can have numerous benefits to your well-being! So this week, try writing out 3 things you are grateful for each morning. Maybe it’s a practice you’ll hold onto even after the holiday time!

Tip 2: Increase your connection

Now is time more than ever to reach out and get connected to family, friends, and your greater community. When we are feeling more connected and fulfilled, we’re much less likely to turn to food. Who can you be in touch with this week that will help you feel supported and grounded in your goals? You can also check out our amazing breaking up with sugar facebook group to find a community of people who can support you in your goals!

Tip 3: Make a plan for after dinner

Oftentimes, we plan for Thanksgiving dinner, but not the vulnerable time after dinner, where we’re more tired and zapped of willpower. Nighttime is such a tricky time in general- it’s so important that you have a go-to plan for the evening hours! Map out what you will do with your time after dinner, and what coping strategies you can use when cravings arise.

We’ll be having even more tips for getting through this holiday season with integrity in the coming weeks. In the meantime, know that we’re here rooting for you!

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Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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