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This class is offered on Tuesdays at 8am ET with an option to choose how much you want to pay. We suggest a contribution of $15 but truly appreciate any amount you’re able to pay.




Heal your relationship to movement, reconnect with your body, and discover your inner warrior through intenSati. 

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A one-of-a-kind fitness class combining movements and affirmations to workout your mind, body and spirit and heal your exercise and body drama and trauma.

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What is intenSati?

intenSati is not an exercise class. It is a mind-body-spirit experience created to heal and empower your whole self. We will integrate movement with reaffirming mantras to help you repair your relationship with exercise and body, redefine your relationship with yourself and step into your personal power. Come exactly as you are. intenSati is home for everybody and every body. 

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Transform. Your. Life.

intenSati is created for everybody and every body - all fitness levels are welcomed with open arms. All classes are offered virtually, and we’ll keep it low impact (and offer higher impact options) to honor our bodies while encouraging you to "gently push yourself" out of your comfort zone in every class.

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It’s Time to Heal

This is a sacred space where we are exercising ALL of our parts, all in the name of healing our relationship with ourSELVES and stepping into our PERSONAL POWER.

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intenSati will resume in the fall.

What people are saying

Molly is an excellent instructor! The call and response was wonderful.

I loved Molly’s energy and enthusiasm for teaching. Felt really calming in a meditative way.

This was the most spiritual and gratifying workout I have taken. I want to start my day with it every day. I think this would help me heal my body trauma so I can begin working out again.

Meet your instructor, Molly Carmel

Meet your instructor, Molly Carmel

I’m an addictions and eating disorder therapist and the founder and treatment developer of Beacon by MC. I began my professional path after not being able to find a sustainable solution for my own food addiction. I have a bachelor’s degree in social work from Cornell University and masters in social work from Columbia University. I also have extensive training in Substance Use, Eating Disorders and am intensively trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

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