I’ve been hearing from a lot from you – which you know I LOVE. But I’ve also been hearing that you’re struggling – with food and with life during this coronavirus.

First of all, OF COURSE you are. These are such challenging times. Second of all, I’m here to help .

Join me every night at 8:30 EST for a LIVE chat to CLOSE THE KITCHEN on Facebook and Instagram Live. We’ll talk all things food, feelings and coping through hard times. And we’ll do it together – remembering the opposite of addiction is connection. And friends, need that now more than ever. Hopefully our time together will help to nourish our hearts, so that we aren’t so hungry, especially at night, when the food gremlins come a’calling.

Don’t worry, if things are hectic and you’re worried about missing the live, add it to your calendar and you won’t miss a thing!

Like I always say, I’m obsessed with you and fiercely devoted to your freedom – especially during this challenging time. The way to best help you is by letting me know what’s up – so pleeeeease keep reaching out with your thoughts, struggles, feelings and ideas. I’ll see you tonight – counting down the hours!

xoxo, Molly


P.S. You can find me here…


P.P.S Make sure you add it to your calendar!

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