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Life After Your Break-Up With Sugar

So much is going on in our lives (especially now), yet rarely do we take an intentional step back and reflect on the progress we’ve made. And yet reflecting back and appreciating how far you’ve come and where you want to go can bring about so much gratitude and appreciation- for your hard work and continuing to show up for yourself. 

Even when reflecting back on ourselves comes with painful emotions- like guilt or disappointment, there’s still likely a lot to learn. For example, reflecting back and feeling disappointment from a lapse into sugar can bring about sadness and disappointment, but also gratitude that you continued to fight for a healthy and loving relationship with food, despite the road bumps.  So in the spirit of making time to acknowledge our progress, take a moment to reflect on how your life has changed since breaking up with sugar. What has shifted since your breakup? What differences do you feel? If it’s been a long time since your breakup, you’ve likely experienced some pretty significant changes. Why? Well, the research is clear- sugar is quite detrimental to your physical and emotional health. It increases the risk of disease – diabetes, heart disease, even cancer. It worsens our immune system, causes tooth decay, and increases stress hormones.   If you’ve broken up with sugar, there’s no doubt you’ve felt the benefits. After you get over the initial withdrawal, you’re likely to feel more energetic, less stressed, and overall better in your own body. If you have not yet broken up with sugar, it may be hard to imagine the impact that breaking up with sugar can have. Getting past the initial cravings and withdrawal is key- after that are all the real cash and prizes! If you’re contemplating your break up, imagine what it is you want relief from- what are the short-term or long-term effects of making this change? They’re all yours for the taking! Xoxo, Team Molly Sources:
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