Making meaning from difficult moments.

Life gets lifey. That’s for sure.

The question is- how do we interpret the situation when life gets difficult and challenging? We can choose to take a negative view- Things will always be like this. I can’t do this. Or, we can choose to find the lemonade in the lemons- I will learn from this. I can use this experience to show myself I can do hard things. 

Our interpretations are everything. It can mean the difference between staying true to your goals or giving up because “Why bother.” When we can’t find meaning in a difficult moment, we often feel lost or unmotivated to work toward our goals. 

In a difficult moment, what we need is perspective. It can be especially challenging in a moment of suffering to find any meaning or purpose behind it. However, opening your mind to the possibility that you can use this experience in a meaningful way can be tremendously helpful in getting you through it without turning to food.

How can you find meaning in your challenging moments this week? Share your experience and know that Team MC is here rooting for you!


Team Molly

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