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Breaking Up With Sugar–Interview With Lon Woodbury

a key element in a person’s thinking is realizing sugar can be destructive and toxic because it often upsets a person’s bodily system and will hijack it in weird and unanticipated ways.  Her book is full of observations and hints that can help a person build better control of their weight without suffering the pitfalls of the dieting industry.

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Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You: What Does It Mean?- Interview with Liv Behre

Behre interviews Molly Carmel on what it actually means to let go of what no longer serves you on April 9, 2019.

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Overcome Your Food Demons with Intensive Mindfulness- Interview on RadioMD with Dr. Pamela Peeke

With the chaotic and overly fast-paced schedules of today, it's important for your health to take a breather from time to time... to be able to be present in the moment.

How can mindfulness help with weight loss and recovery from food addiction?

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