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25 Dangerous Myths About Your Mental Health You Need to Stop Believing

The notion that mental illness isn't actually all that common is a huge myth perpetuated in part because people want to believe that "it won't affect people like them," says Molly Carmel, LSCW, founder of The Beacon Program. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that's not the case.

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Vice: Therapy by Phone or Video Chat Kinda Sucks. Here's How to Make It Better

Molly Carmel, a therapist and founder of The Beacon Program in New York City, strongly recommend using video conferencing rather than phone calls because therapists miss nonverbal cues on the phone.

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HER: Breaking Up with Sugar

Molly joins Dr. Peeke to share how she finally found a way to break up with sugar for good -- and how much it has positively affected her health and well-being.

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Dr. Ward Bond's Life Changing Wellness: How to Break Ties with Sugar for Good

Listen as Molly joins Dr. Bond to share insights from the book, as well as from her own journey to a happy, healthy, sugar-free life.

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The Psychology Of Eating Disorders With Molly Carmel

Jillian breaks down the science of counting calories, workouts, and balanced diets. And leading eating disorders and addictions therapist Molly Carmel is back on the show to talk about body dysmorphia, disordered eating, and our relationships with our bodies.

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Mindful Medicine: Breaking Up with Sugar

Learn how to address your unhealthy relationship with food and break up with sugar for good. If you suffer from a sugar addiction, former sugar addict Molly Carmel might have the solution you need: a sugar breakup. Much like any relationship, you can’t cut and run when things aren’t going your way. You need to stop and assess your relationship before you can have a clean breakup.

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Breaking Up With Sugar–Interview Kristen Boice

Kristen talks with Molly Carmel, author of the best selling book "Breaking Up With Sugar", about our relationship with food and specifically how to rid ourselves of sugar.

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The Sheri and Nancy Show: Breaking Up With Sugar

Sheri and Nancy have a chance to talk to an expert about one of the most revealing and dramatic changes they made – saying goodbye to sugar. Molly Carmel is a heralded eating disorder specialist, therapist and author of a breakthrough new book, Breaking Up With Sugar: A Plan to Divorce the Diets, Drop the Pounds and Live Your Best Life. In this episode she describes her 66-day plan for getting free of sugar addiction and how to ferret out sugar where it lurks (everywhere).

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Finding You: An Evoke Therapy Podcast - Interview with Molly Carmel, Author of "Breaking Up with Sugar"

Dr. Reedy talks about the new book "Breaking Up With Sugar." He talks about how Molly Carmel uses her own story to break down the stigma and shame associated with disordered eating. He talks about how Carmel draws clear parallels between sugar addiction and other addictions, including the addictive thinking present in both.

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The Today Show: How To Lose Weight, Eat Less Sugar: Woman Loses 175 lbs by Breaking Sugar Addiction

As an eating disorders therapist who couldn’t control her own weight, Molly Carmel was desperate to get a hold on the problem.

She spent years trying most every diet and exercise program, and underwent bariatric surgery, but nothing worked in the long-term. At 5 feet 7 inches tall, she reached 325 pounds in her 20s. Through it all, one food was a constant.

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Forbes: Do You Need To Break Up With Sugar?

Have you ever been so distracted by trying to resist pastries in a meeting that you had trouble focusing on the discussion happening? Ever spent an afternoon going down a food guilt spiral after eating more chocolate than you told yourself you would?

Read about Molly's top tips to break up with sugar in Forbes.

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New York Post: How this sugar addict lost 175 lbs. — and now helps other overeaters

Molly describes her journey from living as an obese teen to losing more than 175 pounds in her new book, Breaking Up With Sugar: Divorce The Diets, Drop The Pounds, and Live Your Best Life.

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The Jillian Michaels Show: This is Not a Resolution!

Find out how the team is ending 2019, and their big plans for 2020. Plus, the dangers of steroids, and guest Molly Carmel is on the show to talk about her new book, Breaking Up with Sugar.

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Why and how to kick your sugar habit!

Our bodies were designed to process sugar in small, infrequent doses, like the natural sugar that’s found in fruits or vegetables, which also contain fibre and nutrients to slow down and regulate its absorption. The problem is, the food industry has put sugar into almost everything we are eating.

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Breaking Up With Sugar–Interview With Lon Woodbury

a key element in a person’s thinking is realizing sugar can be destructive and toxic because it often upsets a person’s bodily system and will hijack it in weird and unanticipated ways.  Her book is full of observations and hints that can help a person build better control of their weight without suffering the pitfalls of the dieting industry.

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Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You: What Does It Mean?- Interview with Liv Behre

Behre interviews Molly Carmel on what it actually means to let go of what no longer serves you on April 9, 2019.

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Overcome Your Food Demons with Intensive Mindfulness- Interview on RadioMD with Dr. Pamela Peeke

With the chaotic and overly fast-paced schedules of today, it's important for your health to take a breather from time to time... to be able to be present in the moment.

How can mindfulness help with weight loss and recovery from food addiction?

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