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Holidays, | 03.28.21

Navigating the Holidays

With Passover upon us and Easter on the horizon, it’s a great time to reflect on your path to find freedom and rebirth in your relationship with food. It’s also a great time to think about how you can navigate the holiday time this year without the shame and discomfort that takes you away from freedom in your relationship with food. Consider these three things when as you celebrate Passover of Easter this year:

  1. Connect to your motivations. Identifying the meaning behind your choices is incredibly helpful in keeping you to your goals. Remembering the meaning behind our actions is what helps us stay the course, and get out of the “victim” mode of “I can’t have ______. It’s not fair” or the classic “I feel so deprived right now.” Connecting to our own internal motivations for getting through these holidays without binging or overeating is likely to be much more helpful that focusing on the things we can’t have or what other people might think. Focus on the question: What is the decision that feels most in alignment with my goals right now?
  1. Connect to how you want to feel. To add an extra level of motivation, we can focus on how we want to feel during the holiday and after. Binging, overeating, and self-loathing isn’t exactly a recipe for freedom and rebirth. In a difficult moment, ask yourself: “If I take this path, how am I likely to feel now or later?” You want to connect to the behaviors that bring you close to your guiding values AKA your truth north. 
  1. Connect with the true meaning of the holiday. Finally, it’s so important to connect to the meaning behind these holidays, all food aside. Think about what that would look like to honor Passover or Easter this year without being so focused on food. It can sometimes feel that food is so intertwined in the celebration of these big events, but perhaps there’s a possibility that the holiday can be celebrated without chocolate Easter eggs or Matzah in the mix. 

It may feel impossible, but sometimes the biggest game-changer is giving ourselves permission to advocate for what we need – setting these limits, of course, is done in the spirit of being able to get more in touch with the true meaning of these holidays. After all, those foods only serve to take you farther away from peace, freedom, and rebirth in your life. 

Photo by Phil Goodwin on Unsplash

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