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Owning Your Worth with Loren Lahav

In this episode of What You’re Craving, Molly is joined by Loren Lahav, an accomplished speaker, author, and coach. As someone who is deeply in tune with her wisdom and has a background of contributing and taking care of others, Loren has made her passion into a successful career.

During this conversation, Loren shares her inspiring story of how she achieved her goals and the people, books, and life events that helped her get to where she is today. Loren also discusses how she works through fear and how she stays true to her values while moving with intention.

Loren is passionate about helping young women and has created events that empower women to own their worth with their money, mindset, and mission. Through her speeches, coaching, and events, Loren wants to start a movement of women coming together to support each other and empower each other to take charge of their lives.

As a speaker and coach, Loren has seen first-hand the power of collaboration and community. A trailblazer in her field, Loren’s work shows how women can become stronger and more confident by supporting each other, developing their own strengths, and being intentional in how they show up throughout their lives.

Episode Quotes:

  • “It’s scary to move forward but it’s scarier to stay still.”
  • “It’s not about skill, it’s about heart.”
  • “Nobody can take it away from you until you give it to them. And I think we just give our power away too much.”
  • “It’s never too early to own your worth, and it’s never too late to own your worth.”

Key Highlights:

  • Loren’s journey from her childhood to personal development success
  • The vital importance of persistence and awareness
  • How Loren left a secure job to pursue a different vision for her life
  • How Loren embraced her heart and let her skills follow
  • Loren’s daily rituals of gratitude and the importance of rituals that resonate with us
  • The power of owning your worth
  • Why it is important to use your greatness and knowledge to serve and take action
  • All about Loren’s Own Your Worth event

About Loren Lahav:

Loren Lahav is passionate about helping women love the heck out of themselves!

With over 30 years leading transformational sessions for groups and individuals, Loren is known for working the crowd and waking people up to the magic of their own lives. But more important than what she does from the stage is the change that lasts long after people return home.

Loren has had a long career of learning, growing, and helping others to do the same. Hired by the Tony Robbins Company in 1990, she was instrumental in many of Tony’s groundbreaking, transformational programs, serving audiences of up to 20,000 people. She also created the popular volunteer Crew Program, which she oversaw for nearly two decades.

A powerhouse coach in her own right, Loren has helped thousands of women around the globe rediscover, recognize, and own their unique value — imperfections and all. Using her signature fun, feisty, and effective methods and processes, she coaches women through stand-alone courses, events, retreats, and online programs.

Loren is also the author of five books and the creator of numerous life-changing products, such as her super-popular “I Am” cards for women, men, and kids.

Loren’s leadership and business triumphs are a testament to her obsession with creating value. She has built explosive teams in 25 countries. She is a real estate investor and property owner throughout the United States. Her ability to lead teams and her business savvy have brought her to deliver her message to companies such as LIFEAID, Zappo’s, Lululemon, Four Seasons Hotels, Success Resources, Tony Robbins Companies, NMP, and Hilton Grand Vacations.

Loren has been a keynote speaker for such signature events as National Achievers Congress, The Power of Women, Most Powerful Women, Amazing Women’s Day and Go Pro Recruiting Mastery. She has also facilitated 175 Life Mastery Events, a 5-day intensive, for the Tony Robbins Companies.

Loren has also been featured in multiple publications and talk shows, including Success Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Women’s Day, Luxury Las Vegas, Fox News “The Strategy Room,” Oprah Radio, Voice America, Unapologetically Authentic, many a.m. talk shows, and dozens of podcasts.

She also produces her signature events: Badass and Beautiful, Unapologetically Authentic, True Health Cleanse which take people through processes of transformation in multiple areas of their lives.

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Connect with Loren:

Instagram: @iamlorenlahav

Facebook: Loren Lahav

Website: lorenlahav.com

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