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Planning is key and so is flexibility.

Planning truly is the key to reaching our goals. However, we need a balance.

On the one hand, it’s in our best interest to do what we can to set ourselves up for success. In establishing a healthy relationship with food, it’s important that we’re doing the grocery shopping, looking at the menu ahead of time, or taking food on the go so you don’t have to skip a meal or eat off-plan. 

On the other hand, we can’t be 100% planned and structured all the time. There needs to be certain flexibility when plans change and we need to trust that we can make it through difficult moments of the day. Because even though you’re in the driver’s seat, life gets lifey and curveballs will get thrown your way from time to time. Guaranteed! 

So here’s what to remember when you’re going into long weekends, unstructured off time, or time with friends and family- make a plan and do what you can to follow through, while at the same time, allow yourself to be present and flexible when things happen that are out of your control. 

Easier said than done- right? A good place to start is by setting aside 30 minutes ahead of your trip to map out your meals and meal-times on paper. It doesn’t have to be exact! Think about at least where you will get your food from, and whether more preparation is needed- like grocery shopping or meal prepping. After that 30 minutes of planning, you can put that paper away, where you can readily access it!

Once this planning is finished, time to live in the moment! You have the paper to take out and you can refer to it if you need to revisit the plan, but you don’t need to be thinking back to it 24/7. If you need to make changes to the plan, do so and then go back to living in the moment, and spending time with friends and family!


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