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A Better Relationship with Food Starts with a Better Relationship with Yourself!

Dropping weight and living a healthier life overall is less about counting calories, and more about getting rid of unproductive beliefs and building a better relationship with yourself.

Not too long ago, after having tried every diet in the world, our longtime listener Joy finally broke up with sugar, alcohol, and the false sense of accomplishment that comes with following the latest “cutting edge” diet. Not surprisingly, that moment completely transformed her life.

The question then is: In our wellness journey, how do we rid ourselves of those substances, practices, and beliefs that hold us back from making real progress?

Let’s explore!

In this episode, Joy breaks down the major periods in her life that contributed to an unhealthy relationship with food⁠—in particular dependency on sugar and alcohol. It got to the point where she started hopping from fad diet to fad diet, to getting addicted even to the gym!

Somewhere down the line, Joy came across Molly’s podcast and discovered the magic of celebrating small wins, and that the road to greater health and wellness was less about counting calories and more of an attitude game. Listen in as she and Molly discuss how her life has changed since she gave up her addictions and began to build a better relationship with herself!

Episode Quotes

●  “My life was more vibrant without sugar and flour. You can do this every day: To be open and to be caring for myself, to be curious, to check in and maybe set some things down. And I don’t mean setting food down; but, setting some attitudes down.” – Joy

●  “If I can look up and be with the world, be with people, with my heart open, it’s a whole better world than what’s on my plate, what’s on the scale, and what size is on the tag on my clothes.” – Joy

Key Highlights

●  A bad relationship with food can usually be traced back to unproductive beliefs developed in your childhood (ex. body image insecurities);

●  If an “expert” tells you there’s only one way to do something, run as far away from them as you can;

●  For every step forward, no matter how small, celebrate it. Call it your “atta girl/boy” moments. Dramatic transformations are the result of many tiny wins;

●  If you’re not motivated, there’s probably a very good reason why. Our wisest mind wants us to do loving things for ourselves. Sometimes it means rigidity, and sometimes it means putting the scale out of your mind;

●  Ultimately, it’s the inner work that matters. Your life will not change for the better if you don’t have an amazing relationship with yourself!

About Molly Carmel

Molly is a leading addiction and eating disorder therapist and the founder of the Beacon Program, which offers individual and group solutions to help people break free from their destructive relationships with food and dieting. She is also the author of ‘Breaking up with Sugar’ and the host of ‘What You’re Craving’ Podcast.

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