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Breaking Down the Difference Between Mental Health and Mental Toughness with Victoria Garrick

In this episode, I’m speaking with Victoria Garrick, former Division I volleyball player, TED Talk speaker, and mental health advocate. Victoria talks through her story of battling her own mental health struggles in silence before opening up to receiving help and coming to speak about the problem of mental health in college athletics on the TED Talk stage. She also discusses her own experience with a binge eating disorder and dead-end dieting, the importance of sitting in discomfort in your body, and what we can do when we make mistakes. 

Victoria first began sharing her story of how she battled and overcame depression and anxiety in her 2017 TED Talk, “The Hidden Opponent,” which has been viewed over 370,000 times. Victoria has been featured in The Players’ Tribune, People Magazine, USA Today

College, and has amassed over 1M followers on her social media platforms where she’s known for her positive media campaign, #RealPost. She brings this campaign to life weekly on her podcast Real Pod where she has interviewed some of the greatest athletes and psychologists in the world. As the founder of mental health non-profit, The Hidden Opponent, Victoria now tours the country as a public speaker and advocate, sharing her story in hopes of raising awareness and destigmatizing the conversation around mental health.

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