Giving Up isn’t an option: Turn your pain into something powerful with Tracy Coval

My friend, writer, artist, dancer, and disability advocate, Tracy Coval is here to share her incredible story with us today. Let me say that I left this conversation feeling so full – the intimacy and truth sharing was just what I needed and I hope what you’re looking for too. After being wheelchair-bound after an accident at the age of 27 (and that’s the short story), Tracy adopted the idea that “giving up isn’t an option” – she shares with us how she’s been able to turn her pain into something powerful, how her wheelchair is not a barrier (and how she learned she’s a bit of a wheelchair savant!), what we can do to handle hard times, and the importance of pursuing your passions.
You can follow Tracy on Instagram – and see the incredible dance performances we were talking about on the show @tracy_coval and on her website.
I’m also obsessed with knowing all about you, so please follow (and DM!)  me on Instagram, Facebook and my website. We’re in this together and the journey is going to be so awesome.


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