How Race and Sugar Addiction Intersect with Shun Foreman

Shun Foreman is a pal of mine and a registered nurse. Perhaps most important, she’s a fierce advocate for sugar addiction and for improving the health of people and communities of color. Shun’s journey from nurse to activist is fascinating – all originating from a trip to the plantations of Sugarland, TX, where she had an aha moment that the sugar industry continues to keep her community enslaved. Shun shares how her personal journey in breaking up with sugar led her to start a movement called “Sugar Mode Off” as well as her Facebook group, Sisters Breaking the Bonds of Sugar, which is committed to helping save lives in communities of color. It’s an incredible story that I hope will leave you feeling hopeful and fulfilled.
You can find out more and join the movement by following Shun on Instagram @sugarmodeoff.
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