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How to Access and Act-On Your Intuition Amongst All the Noise with That’s So Retrograde’s Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott

I’m so excited to be talking with Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott, hosts of That’s So Retrograde, a podcast that helps listeners to build their own wellness toolkit through their interviews of thought leaders in health and beyond. Stephanie and Elizabeth bring their experience on the wellness journey – as podcast hosts and amazing humans – to talk about their journey in finding their own intuition about what’s best for them amongst all the opinions of various health and wellness gurus. We also get into talking through the harms of toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing, the importance of self-talk and taking action on micro habits, and why sometimes we need to visit the darkness first before finding the light. Join us as we talk it all through and have some great laughs along the way!

A truth-teller with a knack for direct communication, Stephanie Simbari is the comedic backbone of That’s So Retrograde. An Italian Jew from New York, and a born seeker, she performed for the better part of a decade as a stand-up comic; exploring her personal truth and oversharing about it for laughs. She’s got a big mouth and a soft heart and as a writer, Stephanie has a unique voice with a penchant for infusing consciousness into humor while exposing deep life truths. Fans got to know her as a standout in Funny Girls on Oxygen as well as appearances on Comedy Central’s @midnight, Showtime’s White Famous, Here + Now on HBO. 

Raised in Metro Detroit and a graduate of Michigan State University, Elizabeth spent her 20s building an impressive career in fashion and PR: conceptualizing and running Rachel Zoe’s The Zoe Report, founding online consignment business, Closet Rich, while styling, creative directing, and consulting for a multitude of brands. With a passion for turning ideas into things, it was her evolving interests that led her to merge podcasting and wellness 7 years ago, with listeners instantly connecting with her discerning tastes and specific brand of candid relatability. A true explorer in the space, Elizabeth spends a great deal of her spare time in research mode: discovering emerging trends, practitioners, products, and brands in wellness. 

You can find out more by following Stephanie on Instagram @ssimbari and Elizabeth on Instagram @elizabethkott. Also, don’t forget to check out their amazing podcast That’s So Retrograde!

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