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Recognizing Your Wise Mind

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you just experienced a deep knowing about something? Needed to end a relationship? Needed to begin a different career? Needed to break up with sugar? This is your wise mind speaking to you. Molly is talking allabout the wise mind we all have, what it is, and how to interact with it.In its most basic sense, Molly likens the wise mind to your gut feeling. Like Olivia Pope, herself, it is just a sureness that you have about something. But why is this such a big deal? For too long Molly has heard people say that they can’t trust themselves with certain food or even having a scale in their house. If we want to be the best versions of ourselves, then we can not afford to have that lack of trust. Enter the wise mind.Molly explains in the episode that when we are in wise mind, binging is not a thing. Our wise mind will tell us what we can handle and, in essence, we automatically get that trust in ourselves back. With some mindfulness practice of meditation and some time, our wise mind may be the greatest gift we could ever seek out for ourselves.Tune in!

Episode Quotes

“When we are in wise mind–when we are in our own internal wisdom–there’s no binging… There’s no restricting, there’s no scale obsession, there’s no body hate, there’s no overdrinking, there’s none of it.” –Molly Carmel

“Urgency is never wise mind… If it can’t wait, it’s not wise.” –Molly Carmel

Key Highlights

If you don’t know how a certain food will react with you, the best advice would be to try it;

Eating disorders, addiction, and cravings have stolen from us for so long that as we heal, trusting ourselves is more important than ever;

Your wise mind is a general knowing, an internal wisdom that you have;

Being able to distinguish your wise mind from your emotional mind requires practice and the ability to get quiet and tapped in;

Mindfulness is refocusing your attention back to your wise mind;

A best practice for meditation with wise mind as the goal, is to recognize once you have lost focus and bringyour attention back to your meditat

Molly Carmel

Molly is a leading addiction and eating disorder therapist and the founder of the Beacon Program, which offers individual and group solutions to help people break free from their destructive relationships with food and dieting. She is also the author of ‘Breaking up with Sugar’ and the host of ‘What You’re Craving’ Podcast.

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