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Why So Many Nutritionists Misunderstand Food Addiction and What You Need to Know to Navigate Your Relationship with Food with David Wiss

Today I’m talking with the brilliant David Wiss, a researcher, nutritionist, and founder of Nutrition in Recovery, his practice in Los Angeles specializing in substance use disorders, eating disorders, body image, mental health, and general wellness. David is one of the rare nutritionists who supports people in their journey of healing from food addiction and is also very involved in research – basically, he’s a total smarty pants – and a super empathetic and amazing practitioner. David and I talk about how he came to realize the nutrition field was being influenced by the food industry, what he’s found in his own research on food addiction, and how the diet industry and misinformed health coaches can make it super challenging to heal our relationship with food. I loved getting to have this conversation with David, and I hope you get as much out of it as I did xoxo!

David Wiss MS RDN has contributed sixteen articles to peer-reviewed journals and book chapters on his various topics of expertise, including nutrition for substance use disorder, food addiction, and eating disorders. David has spoken at dozens of academic conferences on these topics and is currently a PhD candidate in Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles. His dissertation describes links between early life adversity and mental health in adulthood. Mr. Wiss is passionate about helping people achieve long-term recovery.

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