One thing we’re probably all familiar with is procrastination. Whether you’re a big-time procrastinator or find yourself procrastinating the little things- we all know the feeling.

It can feel like the constant nagging of an annoying, but an essential obligation, or it can feel like a giant wall of anxiety that gets in the way of doing even the smallest things.

Procrastination can seep into all areas of our life. In our relationship with food, we put off planning, meal prep, grocery shopping, in favor of quick comforts- like scrolling on our phone, watching Netflix, or even eating. What you’re left with is shame, disappointment, a feeling of inadequacy, and usually a longing for something that feels quite out of reach. 

Let’s talk about solution. There’s no quick and easy remedy- we have to start by approaching those things that give us discomfort.  I wish there was a quicker and faster solution, but the only way to get to a healthy and loving relationship with food is to approach and tolerate uncomfortable feelings! 

And it’s okay for this to feel difficult- you can get curious about why they feel hard and remind yourself that things won’t always feel so difficult. When you approach and tolerate discomfort, you get all the cash and prizes- when you replace the momentary desire for long-term meaning and satisfaction, you can get to your ultimate goals. 

Remember change may feel hard but it’s not impossible! By adopting a curious mindset about why you’re avoiding or procrastinating, you can find the solutions you’re looking for. It’s okay if you don’t get there overnight- it takes a lot of practice to go a different direction! You’ve got this!


Team Molly 

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