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(Re)Finding Your Authentic Self 

(Re)Finding Your Authentic Self 

Are you ready to get back into a relationship with yourself? - Find new motivation, get grounded inside & feel empowered for change? Let’s do this.

We’re kicking off summer with a day-long online retreat focused on giving you the skills and knowledge to connect to your internal wisdom, allowing you a deeper relationship of trust, appreciation and love with… yourself.

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9am - 5pm ET

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What more important relationship is there than the one with yourself? I’ve been hearing over and over in our circles - I just don’t trust myself.
I don’t think I can do it. I’m always failing. - no more.

Join me for our full-day virtual retreat. We’re going to let go of the bondage of comparisons and judgments, we’re going to learn how to tap into your intuition, cultivate compassion, and motivate positive change - all in our zoom room filled with your wonderful, loving community.

Get ready to get centered, empowered,
and re-discover how absolutely amazing you are.

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This Summer we’re ALL ABOUT acknowledging the POWER within YOU.

Sunday, June 5, 2022 - 9am - 5pm ET

The (Re)Finding Your Authentic Self Retreat will include:

• Activities and evidence-based teachings designed to help you connect with your wisdom, intentions, emotions, and motivations

• Guided breathwork and meditations

• Interactive discussions and breakout rooms

• Reflective writing exercises

• intenSati - our amazing spiritual fitness class

• And, of course, a replay so you can listen again and again

You'll leave more motivated and more connected with your true self and your most authentic goals. I’m so excited to kick off the summer in a whole new way.

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