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Reflections from 2020.

This year has been a year. It was a year that included a global pandemic, a human rights movement, catastrophic fires, an election, and a vaccine. The world slowed down for some people and became or whirlwind for others. 

The huge shift may have put our priorities, values, and life choices in perspective. We learned what we need to live with and what we can live without. Maybe we started to look at the world around us a bit differently or recognized the importance of those working in essential jobs and on the front lines. 

Perhaps this year has taught us the importance of relying on each other. After practically a full year of needing to isolate and keep a distance from others, we’ve found creative and adaptive ways to stay connected and a part of something bigger than ourselves. 

This global pandemic has posed new challenges and opportunities for our relationship with food. Perhaps we’ve grown comfortable with cooking or had to adjust our daily routines. Maybe you took steps forward in healing your relationship with food, or maybe your challenges with food taught you important and valuable lessons.

2020 was a year of reflection, learning, grief, and coming to terms. There were moments of sadness and fear, and moments of joy and gratitude. In times of great pain, we saw people come together and support one another. We also saw division and disconnection. We learned that much is out of our control, and we can still find a way to appreciate the areas that we can affect change. 

What are your 2020 takeaways? What lessons do you want to bring with you into the New Year? What memories do you want to hold onto and what experiences do you want to leave in the past? 


Team Molly

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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