You might have heard me talk before about the two relationships we can never escape – one is your relationship with food, and one is with yourself.

And that relationship with self can be tricky right? With a lifelong history of starting diets, making promises, blowing diets, and cheating on our promise, our relationship with ourselves can get pretty grim.

I know this all too well- I’ve lived through the diet trauma and I’ve learned how to build up a strong, solid relationship with myself. But it didn’t happen overnight. Still, I remember one night when I first realized that things started to change…

One day I was caught in a snowstorm, and out of half and half for my coffee. Bunkered in, I feared the thoughts of leaving to go and pick it up at the corner store, where all my usual binge foods were sold. I’d been to this corner store many times before (but not on good terms in a loving relationship with food). Still, I mustered up my commitment to go to the store and just get the half and half- nothing else. When I followed through with my plan, it was nothing short of miraculous. 

I truly learned the meaning of trust and self-love that day in the snow storm. It was about choosing the hard option- not taking the quick and easy road to the binge food- and feeling so so proud of myself after. 

The truth is, self-love is a series of small actions. It doesn’t happen overnight, or with one single “Ah-ha!” moment. We repair the harm to ourselves and rebuild a new, loving relationship every day we choose to do the nurturing thing. Self-love is an action, and you have the opportunity to build self-love through those actions every day.

xoxo, Molly

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