It has been a trying time these past few weeks, as we transition to the everyday of staying at home, while feeling worried about the threat and impacts of COVID-19.

It’s often in difficult times, times like these where the threat seems so big and immense, that we may ask ourselves “So what if I binged?” We can easily convince ourselves that the battle is too uphill- that there’s no point in trying for a healthy relationship with food and weight. 

I’ve even seen people go so far as to argue that it’s in their best interest to binge. That in times of hardship, we need comfort, and binging will give you that comfort- so go for it! It’s easy to wrap ourselves up in rational lies that we can give into our impulses in the moment- that we shouldn’t have to try hard when so much is already going on.

Boy, are these rational lies so far from the truth. When we say binging gives us comfort, we’re not mentioning all the long-term suffering and distress it causes. The shame, the disappointment, the hopelessness that it can make us feel. Binging actively harms your body, mind, and soul. 

You also might hear the argument that too much is going on to worry about a healthy relationship with food. Too much is going on NOT to worry about your food! When the food isn’t in order, it can feel like nothing is in order. And the last thing we want to be doing is adding to our feelings of fear and chaos. 

All this aside, the bigger question than “Is it okay if I binge?” may be “What’s actually going on?”  Are you willing to get curious about why you want to binge, and then feel the feelings or make a corrective action plan to address the real issue. For example, if you notice wanting to binge when you feel sad and in grief, can you make a plan to find connection, journal, or give yourself some quiet space to feel. That’s a real solution, not rubbing dirt into the wound. 


Team Molly

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