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| 02.28.21


Before The Beacon I was struggling with sugar and flour addiction, weight gain, depression, and anxiety. Food was the answer to all of my problems, it was my best friend, my everything. I tried everything. Years and years – not to mention thousands of dollars – spent on every diet. I would make progress then inevitably, I’d be at the corner store again, buying my stash of Cadbury and hating myself for it. I felt like a failure after each attempt and the more attempts I made, the worse I felt. What I found at The Beacon was not simply a weight management program. It’s a life management program. Yes, there is a food plan. Yes, my weight is headed in the right direction. But the most valuable thing about The Beacon is the skills. I needed a defense strategy for when my old friends Ben and Jerry called me. I needed to learn how to manage life when it gets ‘lifey’ without my purple-wrapped crutch. That is what sets The Beacon apart. Today, I have some peace around food. I am making headway on my weight goals. I don’t wake up in a food hangover, head pounding, stomach sick and distended. I can think more clearly, be more present. The Beacon has taught me that the recovery is in the getting up from the fall – to fall seven times and get up eight. They never give up on me so I never give up on myself.


Photos By: Unsplash

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