We know diets don’t work. But here’s what does- having a loving and supportive structure around your food and eating. 

When people first put that structure in place- by setting mealtimes or planning their meals ahead – it definitely can feel like a diet. 

And of course, it does!

While urges and impulses used to govern your eating behavior, now you’re making a plan and you’re setting limits as to what brings you closer or further away from a loving and healthy relationship with food. 

But even though there’s structure, doesn’t mean we should go back to our old diet ways- counting calories, skipping meals, beating ourselves up when we make even the slightest mistake. 

This time, it’s so important to remember that your food plan is absolutely not a diet- it’s a foundational shift in how you see and behave around food. It’s about making decisions that you’ll be proud of the next day and showing up for yourself by staying away from the food and behaviors that don’t love you back.

Eventually, with lots of practice and perseverance- and many check-ins with your wisest self, acting in a loving way around food will become much more intuitive and automatic. We’re here rooting for you!


Team Molly

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