Molly’s program brought me salvation and peace from a lifelong struggle with food and weight and from the torture of dieting. Four years later, I am still following my food plan, but I am also living a big beautiful life with no restrictions.

It is hard, really hard to give up your source of comfort but it is not impossible and the rewards are mind blowing. There has been such a spiritual component to this journey. The concept of consciously living my life with integrity is something that has always been missing. It has really made me look at my life and how I want my life to look. What started out as a very desperate attempt to lose weight has turned into this life changing experience. —Camille L.

From the first moment I met Molly, I felt like I was becoming reacquainting with a dear old friend. She totally got me and understood me, as if she had known me for so long. Through this process, I have learned how to be kind to myself and my body, let go of unhelpful comparisons, stop shaming myself, be a cheerleader for myself, and release my fixation of the scale.

It’s a totally different mentality than any diet I’ve done. I have power over my life and feel totally in control—and that is totally life changing. —Christine

No longer preoccupied by an endless spiral of shame, I suddenly see textures and colors I only imagined before, and have enough space in my mind and heart to let them in. I would break up with Sugar a thousand times for the freedom that I’ve gained. —Lauren

I’ve lost 85lbs so far, and still have more to go, but I am so optimistic about my journey. I now feel like I have all the tools to continue on my path of recovery. —Karyn


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