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Success Stories

The Beacon is, to date, the first place I have gone and actually been seen. My struggles were instantly known and validated, and my status as a seasoned treatment-goer was met with understanding and compassion. I can finally say with the utmost sincerity that my battle with food is over, as a lifelong commitment to myself has been birthed within The Beacon’s four walls.

- CM

Thanks to The Beacon, I successfully maintain an 80-pound weight loss. I have become a much more introspective and mindful spouse, father, and employee. I’m forever grateful to the Beacon for helping to change my life in a way I never thought possible.

- DC

When I was led to The Beacon, I felt hopeless and trapped. Within weeks, I began to feel a sense of hope and purpose I had not felt in years. Physically, I’ve lost weight with ease. Psychologically and spiritually, I feel liberated. Beacon saved my life & has made it worth living again.

- BG

Before The Beacon I was struggling with sugar and flour addiction, weight gain, depression, and anxiety. Food was the answer to all of my problems, it was my best friend, my everything. I tried everything. Years and years – not to mention thousands of dollars – spent on every diet. I would make progress then inevitably, I’d be at the corner store again, buying my stash of Cadbury and hating myself for it. I felt like a failure after each attempt and the more attempts I made, the worse I felt. What I found at The Beacon was not simply a weight management program. It’s a life management program. Yes, there is a food plan. Yes, my weight is headed in the right direction. But the most valuable thing about The Beacon is the skills. I needed a defense strategy for when my old friends Ben and Jerry called me. I needed to learn how to manage life when it gets ‘lifey’ without my purple-wrapped crutch. That is what sets The Beacon apart. Today, I have some peace around food. I am making headway on my weight goals. I don’t wake up in a food hangover, head pounding, stomach sick and distended. I can think more clearly, be more present. The Beacon has taught me that the recovery is in the getting up from the fall – to fall seven times and get up eight. They never give up on me so I never give up on myself.

- EG

To say that Beacon has changed my life is a huge understatement. And strangely enough, it’s not about the weight. Yes, in only 6 months I have dropped three sizes and fit into the clothes I wore 20 years ago. Was that my initial goal? Yep. But what has happened to me is so much more: I am more grounded. More centered. More tolerant. More appreciative. More loving. Calmer. All of which of course, makes me happier. And guess who else is happier? EVERYONE around me. My husband. My children. My parents, and everyone I come in contact with. I can’t say enough about this program.”

- MC

I came to The Beacon feeling defeated and hopeless that my eating disorder would never be put to rest. I was a closet binge eater who used to exercise to mask my food addiction. As a registered dietician, I knew how to ‘trick the system’ to keep my weight at bay, all the while I continued to suffer silently from this dreadful disease. When I was introduced to The Beacon, I knew that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. The therapists are kind, forgiving and never show judgment, and the program here is much more than a diet plan or a therapy session. This is a full mind-body approach where you learn skills on how to react, respond, and, most importantly, repair. The combination of group classes and individual therapy sessions in like a one-two punch for lasting recovery. The Beacon is and has become a part of me that I will never give up.

- MC

I didn’t know at the time, but the genuine warmth and welcoming I felt from every single person I encountered that first day was truly indicative of the incredible support I would receive over my time in the Beacon program.

- OB

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