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Exercise isn’t the magic bullet to your food and weight issues.

Exercise is a tricky thing when it comes to your relationship with food and with yourself. For so long, you’ve likely blamed your problems with food and weight on exercise and working out. We’ve been told again and again, by the media, food corporations, weight loss programs, even the government– that more exercise is the […]

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Let’s take a vacation…

Using “skills” in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)  are all about finding ways to get through the difficult moments that life throws your way (who doesn’t need that!?) There’s this great skill in DBT called “vacation.” And I know what you’re thinking- yes, taking a vacation is a skill! With this skill, you’re not required to […]

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Forever is a long time.

For many people, summer can be one of the trickiest times to hold true to our commitments around food. Maybe it’s the associations of summer ice creams at the beach, or food free-for-alls on vacation- that can have us forgetting what’s in our best interest and doubting our decisions around food.  It’s at times like […]

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Life After Breaking Up With Sugar

So much is going on in our lives (especially now), yet rarely do we take an intentional step back and reflect on the progress we’ve made. And yet reflecting back and appreciating how far you’ve come and where you want to go can bring about so much gratitude and appreciation- for your hard work and […]

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