| 03.04.21

Amorette Rojas

Why I’m obsessed with my job

Once you meet me, you know I’m passionate about helping people with LOTS of love and kindness, so problem solving is my God given art!  At team Molly, our tribe contributes to the magic of giving support to all warriors who are determined to be a happier and healthier self with food. Who wouldn’t be obsessed working with a like minded team that is in agreement with creating a beautiful customized space to offer guidance and skills to a new relationship with food and yourself!

My favorite song to dance to: 

My favorite song to dance to right now is Girls Like Me by Black Eyed Peas ft. Shakira

My favorite BUWS meal 

My favorite meal that nourishes the soul and satisfies my latin cravings is Avocado Shrimp Ceviche with oven baked plantain chips. YUM! Such a DELICIOUS and FRESH option for lunch or dinner.  🙂

My favorite “right now” skills 

My favorite “right now” skill is taking a few mins to relax by petting my cats or writing my gratitude list for the day

My favorite “long-lasting” skill

My favorite “long-lasting” skill is walking with my wife and spending time to share what’s on my mind and setting goals for the week


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