| 03.04.21

Britta Barlogie

Why I’m obsessed with my job

I left New Orleans to come to Beacon thinking ‘cool! I get to start a new job in a new city!’ I got so much more than what I originally bargained for. My life has changed in almost every way imaginable and I wake up feeling gratitude that I get to do this and be me everyday. I am the most authentic version of myself and get to experience personal growth on so many levels. I moved to a community of people, not just to a new job in a new city. (Plus, tell me how NOT to be excited to show up everyday working alongside friends!)

My favorite song to dance to: 

dance – GOLDFRAPP (ALL OF ANYTHING SHE DOES especially Ooh La La); Dancing with Myself by Bowie

My favorite BUWS meal 

Summer: EZ bread sandwich or grilled portobello and zucchini with a dash of olive oil; Winter: chili all day everyday

My favorite “right now” skills 


My favorite “long-lasting” skill

 Whole home Sage/Palo Santo weekly practice; keeps me feeling energetically clean


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