| 03.04.21

Susan Graves

Why I’m obsessed with my job

Truly a dream job that blends my professional and personal experience perfectly! Why? I broke up with sugar over three decades ago, and I deeply understand the struggle. I wholeheartedly love to help people soar, live that “big beautiful life” and find deep peace.

My favorite song to dance to: 

Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd  

My favorite BUWS meal 

The Big Salad or the Cauli-It-Easy Fried Rice.

My favorite “right now” skills 

A quick call or text to my power circle on the spot!! — I speed dial someone in a snap and this never fails to QUICKLY shift me into a healthy gear.  

My favorite “long-lasting” skill

Repeating highlights from my ongoing gratitude journal in written & audio form.  I also love a good gratitude post-it!


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