The Beacon


Are you looking for some one-on-one, loving support?

The Beacon is here to help!

We can’t do this alone. Sometimes you need a guide to light the path to your freedom. I‘ve got your back. 

My nutrition-informed therapists at the Beacon are not only the best people I know, they also have a deep understanding of the struggles you are going through and the freedom that’s waiting for you.

The Beacon Program is so much more than a diet program. It’s a program dedicated to helping you find your individualized solution to your food and weight struggles. It’s a program committed to you and the big beautiful life you deserve.

Beacon offers:

  • Private Sessions with a Behavioral Coach specialized in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Eating Disorders and Food Addiction
  • An individualized food plan co-created between you and your Coach
  • Exceptional psycho-educational groups based in evidence-based practice
  • Highly effective skills and tools to help you release weight and end the cycle of binging and dieting
  • Ample support from your Coach through every step, including texting and calls outside of session.

When I was led to The Beacon, I felt hopeless and trapped. I felt like I was living in a prison of my own making and that there was no solution. Within weeks, I began to feel a sense of hope and purpose I had not felt in years. Physically, I’ve lost weight with ease. Psychologically and spiritually, I feel liberated. Beacon saved my life & has made it worth living again.

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