As summer rolls full steam ahead, we are starting to get small indicators that we may be stepping into a “new normal.” Although coronavirus hasn’t gone away, stores, parks, and restaurants are starting to open back up, and people are starting to leave their homes.

As we had just adjusted to the quieter, more isolated life of quarantine, we now may be coming up upon a return to seeing our friends and family, and maybe returning back to an old routine.

And with any change, comes an adjustment period. Not only may the thought of getting back to see friends and family feel strange – it might also might feel frightening. With our food plan alone, we may be used to an eating schedule or routine that doesn’t fit in with a busier, more social life. We might be worried about saying “no” to others offering food or eating around other peoples’ schedules rather than our own. 

It’s safe to say this return to “new normal” comes with challenges. This is surely a time of transition and adjustment- it’s not supposed to feel “normal!” 

But what we do need to do is plan appropriately. What will you say when a friend offers dessert and what coping strategies will you use at a dinner party where there are sugary options on the table? These are all solvable problems, but it’s in our best interest to plan and think them through!

Most of all, be patient with yourself as life starts to change. When you notice old habits coming back, take note, and be mindful. When things feel challenging, let yourself feel challenged without saying “screw it!” We’re all navigating this uncertain time together, even though the challenges we face may be different. Commit to the challenge, and reach out for support when you need it!


Team Molly

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