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The Scale Is An Awful Judge

When trying to heal your relationship with food, it’s easy to get caught up in weight loss outcomes. What did the scale say this week? How long is this going to take? I need to get to “x” pounds by this date.” With all that scale “noise,” it’s likely you’ve lost sight of all the other positive, life-changing outcomes of a healthy relationship with food. 

One of the biggest things overlooked is how healing your relationship with food can also help with healing the relationship with yourself. Specifically, how it can strengthen the trust you have with yourself, as you start to act in loving and accountable ways. 

Understandably, through the years of diet trauma and drama, this trust has been broken. You set out on Monday morning to stick to your diet, and by Sunday night you’re in the Girl Scout Cookies. This not only leads to disappointment and shame but also causes you to lose trust with yourself. I can’t trust myself to not overeat. I’m totally out of control with my eating.

Soon enough it applies not just to your relationship with food, but also to your life: I don’t trust myself to follow through with this commitment. I’ll just let myself and others down. 

We can’t expect ourselves to re-establish this trust and integrity without first acting in loving and accountable ways. When you start to behave in a loving way around food, you open the door for true healing in your relationship with yourself.

So while weight-loss is for-sure important, make sure you’re also focusing on the bigger picture. Are you acting in a way that lines up with your values, with your personal integrity? Are you following through with your promises, and acting in a loving, caring way toward yourself? Healing your relationship with food helps you to restore your integrity with yourself. With this, comes all the cash and prizes- weight loss included!


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