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Tips for navigating Thanksgiving with ease!

One of my favorite phrases is: If you don’t leave the basics, you don’t have to go back to the basics!

These next several weeks, we’ll be talking all about the basic tips and tricks to help you get through the Holiday time with integrity in your relationship with food. Today, here’s three tips that can help you navigate a family dinner or a party:

Tip 1: Call ahead and ask what is being served

When you’re not the one hosting, calling ahead to know what to expect can be so important. If you find out there’s limited on-plan options, you can plan to bring a dish of your own that fits the bill. If asking ahead of time feels weird or out of your comfort zone, think about how normal this might be if you had a food allergy or were a vegan or vegetarian. Calling ahead may be an essential step to ensure you’re not stuck eating a plate of only vegetables and potatoes. 

Tip 2: Volunteer to host the dinner so the food options are in your control

It may feel like second nature to just “go with the flow” and not take control of the situation. But by taking initiative and offering to host the event, so many more food options will be in your control! Not to mention, your family and friends might be relieved to not have to make the plans themselves. 

Tip 3: Get rid of off-plan foods right after the party is over. Don’t take home leftovers!

Leftovers are SUPER TRICKY. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the story: “Everything went well until all the people left and I was stuck with the uneaten deserts.” When it comes to tricky foods like deserts, mashed potatoes, or stuffing, do yourself a favor and don’t keep the food for later. If you are hosting, you can send people home with food. If you are eating at someone’s house, make sure the food stays there. You will need to use so much less willpower if the food is not around!

Which of these tips could you use for your upcoming plans? Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for the holidays in the coming weeks!


Team Molly

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Photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo on Unsplash

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