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Health and Wellness, | 03.24.22

Trying Something New Is Hard. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Routine can provide a feeling of safety and stability. Staying in your comfy, cozy, little bubble can feel secure, and it makes sense that you would want to stay there. But have you ever thought about what you could be missing out on if you don’t leave that bubble every once in a while and try something new?

Why is trying something new so hard?

Fear of the unknown. Opening your mind to a new activity or way of thinking is often frightening because by definition it’s unfamiliar.

It can be intimidating. It takes time to learn, which requires perseverance. But by focusing on the process of learning the benefits of this process, instead of the outcome, it can make trying something new less intimidating. 

Let’s talk about the benefits…

You build confidence . By trying hard things despite the fear and discomfort of doing it, you start to realize that you are more capable than you give yourself credit for. Building your confidence can have a ripple effect in so many areas of your life- your friendships, your relationship with food, your career, you name it! 

It gives you the possibility to enjoy something new. Who knows; you may find that you love rock climbing, the French language, or horse back riding. Maybe you never thought that you could play guitar and find that you have a knack for it. You may join an exercise class and find a brand new group of friends. 

It gives you the opportunity to grow. People don’t tend to bloom in the same routine, in the same place, surrounded by the same people. Where is the space for change? Consistent self-challenge also keeps you humble and open to new ideas.

So how do you go about trying something new?

Take a friend. Trying something new can be a lot easier (and more enjoyable!) when you bring a trusted buddy along. This can help increase your comfort level. Then you may eventually feel comfortable going by yourself! 

Think about your comfort zone. You’re probably thinking, isn’t trying something new supposed to take me out of my comfort zone? Yes. But having a little bit of comfort, especially in the beginning, can give you a sense of security and make it more probable that you will stick with it. Is your happy place in nature? Find a new activity to do outside. Is part of your routine getting a jolt of caffeine mid-afternoon? Find a social group that meets at a coffee shop. Find the comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Identify your goals. Do you want to live a more active lifestyle? Make new friends who share similar interests? Better your mental health? When you find an activity that connects to a personal goal, you tend to be more motivated.

Prepare. Are you trying a Zumba class for the first time? Check it out on YouTube first so you have an idea of what to expect! Buy new workout clothes that make you feel confident and excited. Look at the class schedule and find a time that would work best for you, so you don’t feel rushed after work or too tired in the morning. Find the things that you have control over to increase your comfort level. 

Whether it is creating a new habit, trying a new activity, or becoming a part of a new social group, trying new things can be daunting, but most of the time worth it. You never know until you try!  

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