Okay, so you’ve broken up with Sugar. After making the big change and going through the detox, you feel the benefits of fewer cravings and feeling less hungry. But you’re still thinking about being “good” or “bad” in your food plan, fixated on how much weight you still have to lose, or when you can go back to eating “normally.” Something seems missing in this new beautiful life….

And you’re right- something is missing. You still need to divorce dieting. That’s right- I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your work is not done. As long as breaking up with Sugar feels like a diet, you’ll never achieve full freedom in your relationship with food and in your relationship with yourself. 

So many people struggle with the allure of short-term diets and quick-fixes. And when you break up with Sugar, the story can sound the same as the story of diets past. The stories might sound like- Once I get rid of sugar for 2 months, I can go back to eating dessert and sweets. I don’t have to do this forever. Or maybe it sounds like Once I get to my goal weight, I’ll be done with this no-sugar thing- until then, I better weigh myself daily and count calories to speed things up. 

After so many years of diet drama and trauma, it’s no wonder diet mentality has left a lasting impact. This way of thinking may seem so normal, that you may barely notice when it comes up!

But here’s one thing I know– until you let go of this rigid, short-term thinking, a sustainable solution is not possible. 

And we’re in the long-term relationship rebuild game. Diets don’t work for people hooked in an abusive relationship with Sugar. Instead, take each day as it comes and ask yourself- What brings me closer to a loving and peaceful relationship with food? This is where all peace and freedom lie.


Team Molly

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